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My current research interests are focused on population dynamics and on semiclassical methods applied to chaotic systems. In the first topic my emphasis is  in understanding the role of geography and selection in speciation, using agent-based computer simulations and analytical models. In physics my work has concentrated in the development of semiclassical tools based on coherent states and complex trajectories, with applications to multidimensional and chaotic systems. Most of my projects are shared by graduate  students  and by my main collaborators, Yaneer Bar-Yam and Michel Baranger.

New papers:

Evolution and Stability of Ring Species
Ayana B. Martins, M.A.M. de Aguiar and Y. Bar-Yam,
PNAS 110(13) (2013) 5080.

PNAS paper

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Phase space flow in the Husimi representation
Matheus Veronez and M.A.M. de Aguiar,
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 46 (2013) 485304.

JPA paper

Book (in portuguese) Tópicos de Mecânica Clássica - Coleção CBPF Tópicos de Física