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In the past years I have been working on different aspects of population dynamics. Some of my main works on this area were developed using individual based simulations, focusing on processes of speciation and their relation with physical space. In particular, we try to understand the role of partial geographical barriers and natural selection in speciation. Recently, we have applied these models to the study of ring species (see below), where we were able to directly compare the results of the simulations with empirical data. The results obtained by these models also motivated the development of a series of theoretical studies, where we write down equations that capture the features explored by the numerical models and that clarify the role of the many model parameters, such as the mutation rate, the size of the population, the number of genes, etc.

Parallel to my work in evolutionary biology I also have interest in chaotic and complex dynamical systems, including topics in statistical mechanics, networks and semiclassical limit. Most of these projects have been developed with the help of graduate students and collaborators, particularly
Yaneer Bar-Yam and, until very recently, with Michel Baranger.

In Memorian: Michel Baranger (1927-2014)

Michel, Marcus, Denise at Yellowstone, 2001

New papers:

Evolution and Stability of Ring Species
Ayana B. Martins, M.A.M. de Aguiar and Y. Bar-Yam,
PNAS 110(13) (2013) 5080.

PNAS paper

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Phase space flow in the Husimi representation
Matheus Veronez and M.A.M. de Aguiar,
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 46 (2013) 485304.

JPA paper

Book (in portuguese) Tópicos de Mecânica Clássica - Coleção CBPF Tópicos de Física