Leandro Russovski Tessler


since June 2001.

   I am an Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Physics of the "Gleb Wataghin" Physics Institute of UNICAMP since 1991. I have obtained my B. Sc. In Physics at UFRGS (1982), M. Sc. at UNICAMP (1985) and my Ph. D. at Tel Aviv University (1989). I was a post-doc in 1990 at ISMRa (Caen) and ESPCI (Paris) France. I have spent 1993/94 at École Polytechnique, also in France.

I have been studying electronic properties of amorphous semiconductors, especially luminescence and the addition of rare earth elements as luminescent centers for photonic applications. To do this I cooperate with colleagues of the Laboratory for Photovoltaic Research e do Optical Communications Group of IFGW, as well as the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Source.

I am currently the Head of Undergraduate Studies of IFGW.

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